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Set Of 12 Bamboo Straws With Cleaning Brushes And Storage Bag


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12 x Biodegradable Bamboo Straws

2 x Stainless Steel Cleaning Brushes

1 x Storage/Travel Bag


Length: 8.5" (22cm)

Diameter: 0.23"-0.47" (6-12mm)

Inner Diameter: 0.15" - 0.31" (4-8mm)

These organic straws have various diameters ranging from 0.23" (6mm) to 0.47" (12mm), which makes them perfect for any drinks whether it's tea, water, juice, smoothies or shakes. Plus, they bring a tropical touch to any party whether it's a simple family reunion or a wedding. Furthermore, the travel bag makes it easy to carry them with you everywhere.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Bamboo Straws

Did you know that plastic straws...

  • are the 11th most found ocean trash in 2017?
  • never fully decompose and can't be recycled in most places?
  • are the reason why 1 million seabirds and 100000 marine animals die yearly?

So why use them when there are eco-friendly alternatives available?

Our wooden drinking straws are made of bamboo which is one the most renewable resources in the world. These reusable straws are 100% biodegradable, BPA Free, No inks and No dyes.

They are one of the best alternatives for plastic straws.

Our biodegradable bamboo drinking straws are all natural; hence, their color will vary, making each of them unique. Also, they are not recommended for dishwasher. Be cautious of bamboo straws that have exactly the same color (often yellow) and are dishwasher safe, as those are chemically treated with peroxide or dyed.


  1. Before first and after each use, wash them with warm water and scrub the inside with the cleaning brush.
  2. Keep them in a dry place.
  3. Our eco-friendly straws are Not recommended for dishwasher as they are all natural.


In the box

12 x Bamboo Drinking Straws

2 x Cleaning Brushes

1 x Cotton Travel Bag

Color Bamboo/Wood (may vary)
Material Bamboo
Length 8.5" / 22cm

0.23" - 0.47" / 6 - 12mm

Inner Diameter 0.15" - 0.31" / 4 - 8mm

1. Before first and after each use, wash them with warm water and scrub the inside with the cleaning brush.

2. Keep them in a dry place.

3. NOT recommended for dishwasher




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