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BlauKe is an eco-friendly brand specializing in plastic-free kitchenware and household essentials. We combine great products, a strong commitment to the environment, and a smooth shopping experience aligned with your lifestyle.

Inspired by a healthy lifestyle and energized by their love for food and cooking, the team at Blondelish.com – a recipe website featuring healthy, easy and delicious recipes – went on to launch BlauKe determined to offer kitchenware that combined sustainable materials, quality, durability and most importantly, an attractive design.

Explore a selection of expertly-designed wooden products ranging from bamboo cutting boards and cheese boards to cooking utensils – a selection that is constantly growing with exciting new products.


BlauKe’s team searches the world to find the best materials, negotiate prices and ensure that each product is stylish and durable.

Next, we create a vast eco-friendly kitchenware catalog that effortlessly blends form and function.

We love what we do, mainly because it’s much more than selling kitchenware. We are contributing to a better world. A different world where nature is respected and preserved. A world where kitchenware radiates an inspired design, a strong purpose and a vision for the future.

We know you share the same vision. Join the right side of history and discover our growing selection today!


Purpose: We want to make the world a better place through eco-friendly products. We strongly believe that small actions can have a lasting impact, that is why our business strategy goes beyond quality or function, we act with a purpose.

Quality: All our products are carefully vetted. From the materials to the design process and shipping, we ensured that no detail is left to chance when it comes to combining great quality kitchenware at affordable prices.

Customer-Centric: BlauKe opens the door to a selection of eco-friendly kitchenware featuring inspired designs at great prices. We made the shopping process incredibly simple and intuitive, and we hope that our eco-friendly approach is perfectly aligned with your lifestyle and the way you envision the future.


Eco-Friendly: BlauKe was designed to become the go-to store for eco-friendly kitchenware – we believe we can help create a better world, join in!

Premium Quality: We work very hard to ensure that all our products meet the highest standards – you deserve the best kitchenware.

Durability: We work closely with manufacturers to make sure that each and every product is built to last – from the materials to the manufacturing process, our team carefully assesses all factors that can affect durability.

Inspiration: At BlauKe, we focus on offering kitchenware that can add a pop of color and originality to your kitchen – kitchenware doesn’t have to be ordinary, dull or uninspired.


BlauKe is set on a mission to challenge traditional kitchenware and its uninspired designs and low-quality materials. From design to production, we ensure that every part of the process radiates creativity, quality, and an environmentally friendly approach. Oh, and the best part? It’s affordable!


BlauKe aims to bring you the best quality kitchenware at affordable prices. Here, you can explore a vast catalog of eco-friendly products featuring inspired designs knowing that each product embodies a unique vision.

Alex Albu


Mihaela Metaxa-Albu